Calligraphy video digest #23

(Укр/Рус) После долгого перерыва давайте посмотрим чем сейчас занимаются каллиграфы, чьи имена были у всех на слуху пару лет назад.

Niels “Shoe” Meulman. Persona Ungrata, 2017
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Calligraphy video digest #22

A few calligraphy videos from the last month can be found here

Showcase: Denis Brown on Calligraphy. As much as calligraphy has changed over the centuries, there has always been one constant: the characters are a way for the artist to connect with others. The renowned calligrapher Denis Brown carries on this tradition while combining ancient and contemporary methods in his work.

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Paul Antonio

Paul Antonio calligraphy

Paul Antonio currently runs a calligraphy and heraldry practise in London where he teaches calligraphy and handwriting as well as works on commissions for numerous clients. His teaching affords him the opportunity to teach and lecture at Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Kings, UCL, and LCC, also at the V&A. and The British Museum.

Web site – &

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