Calligraphy video digest #23

(Укр/Рус) После долгого перерыва давайте посмотрим чем сейчас занимаются каллиграфы, чьи имена были у всех на слуху пару лет назад.

Niels “Shoe” Meulman. Persona Ungrata, 2017
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Calligraphy video digest #19

Here is the official trailer of the first episode from the documentary series of “Calligraphy from paper to brick” which is collaboration between Calligraphy Masters x Calligraffiti ( Milenist & Obese )

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Calligraphy video digest #16

The Absolut Vodka bottle, once regarded an icon itself in the design community, gets new look by the brand consultancy The Brand Union, the industrial design agency No Picnic, along with independent design professionals—calligrapher Luca Barcellona and illustrator and engraver Martin Mörck.

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Luca Barcellona: Italian Calligrapher

An illustrated lecture with Luca Barcellona, calligrapher and graphic designer from Milan, Italy. Barcellona got his start as a graffiti artist, then went on to incorporate these skills into a formal calligraphic career. The alphabet is the main ingredient of his exciting graphic interpretations. His lettering has been used by companies such as Carhartt, Nike, Sony BMG, and Volvo; his work has also been exhibited in Milan, Australia, and The Netherlands. He recently published an illustrated survey of his work, titled Take Your Pleasure Seriously. Continue reading “Luca Barcellona: Italian Calligrapher”