Serebro Nabora 2015

Serebro Nabora is an annual international type conference held in Moscow. Now we have a few video from the conference in 2015.

Yana Kutyina, Andrey Belonogov. Soviet lettering. Physics and lyrics.
The lecture about unique inscriptions created by the hands of numerous designers of the last century; about modern interpretations of that original and almost forgotten style — with examples from personal experience.

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Serebro Nabora

A few calligraphy video from typographic conference Serebro Nabora 2012. Evgeny Dobrovinsky about his lecture “Mummy, I Want to Write!”: “We shall describe calligraphy lessons from an aged postal clerk, Sgt. Protsenko, designers Gannushkin and Lazursky, two construction workers, and a sofer. We shall discuss the lettering artist’s lifelong contract, as well as the nonspecific relationship between writing, calligraphy and typography. Brought to you by the man with no handwriting.”

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