Calligraphy video digest #19

Here is the official trailer of the first episode from the documentary series of “Calligraphy from paper to brick” which is collaboration between Calligraphy Masters x Calligraffiti ( Milenist & Obese )

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Master Penman Connie Chen

Bill Lilly signed Connie Chen’s Master Penman certificate in October, 2015 making 12 Master Penmen.

Connie Chen

The society of Master Penman includes Masters of Penmanship and Master Engrossers. Currently, there are 700 members. And there are 12 Master Penmen. Connie Chen achieved that status in Oct, 2015

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The New 25 Calligraffiti Ambassadors

These are the new 25 Calligraffiti Ambassadors (In no particular order) making a total of 50:

VikaVita (Ukraine)

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Calligraffiti Ambassadors

In the beginning of April, Niels Shoe Meulman made an announcement on his Calligraffiti page, that it is changing from an Artist page to a Community.

The legendary artist Niels “Shoe” Meulman, also founder of the title calligraffiti, has chosen 25 international artists as ambassadors, who represent this artform, beginning at the exhibition at Affenfaust Gallery.

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Rutenia 2013

(Укр/Рус) 19–21 апреля 2013 г в Киеве в институте им. Бойчука прошел третий Фестиваль каллиграфии и типографики “Рутенія”.

Rutenia 2013

Photos from Rutenia 2013.

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