Master Penman Connie Chen

Bill Lilly signed Connie Chen’s Master Penman certificate in October, 2015 making 12 Master Penmen.

Connie Chen

The society of Master Penman includes Masters of Penmanship and Master Engrossers. Currently, there are 700 members. And there are 12 Master Penmen. Connie Chen achieved that status in Oct, 2015

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Luca Barcellona: Italian Calligrapher

An illustrated lecture with Luca Barcellona, calligrapher and graphic designer from Milan, Italy. Barcellona got his start as a graffiti artist, then went on to incorporate these skills into a formal calligraphic career. The alphabet is the main ingredient of his exciting graphic interpretations. His lettering has been used by companies such as Carhartt, Nike, Sony BMG, and Volvo; his work has also been exhibited in Milan, Australia, and The Netherlands. He recently published an illustrated survey of his work, titled Take Your Pleasure Seriously. Continue reading “Luca Barcellona: Italian Calligrapher”