Expression in Form, Rhythm, & Movement with John Stevens

John Stevens is a true modern master of letterforms. This lecture took place on November 16, 2015 at The Cooper Union as part of [email protected]‘s Herb Lubalin Lecture Series.

A look at the thematic visual elements and relationships of letterforming from a craft & image-making perspective. Although great skill is required for the best calligraphy, one can get lost in the minutiae. Thinking in terms of visual language (not forgetting content) frees us to say what we really want to say or express.

(Укр/Рус) Новые курсы и мастер-классы

(Укр/Рус) Курсы каллиграфии с Вероникой Чебанык продолжают набор. Старт занятий — 16-17 марта.

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Introducing Calligraphy TV

Denis Brown shows samples from his educational calligraphy website and educational DVD set. The program offers advanced training along with fundamental knowledge. Primarily for calligraphers of intermediate and advanced level, those with less experience may yet find it inspiring as long as they realize some content will beyond their level for now.