Calligraphy video digest #16

The Absolut Vodka bottle, once regarded an icon itself in the design community, gets new look by the brand consultancy The Brand Union, the industrial design agency No Picnic, along with independent design professionals—calligrapher Luca Barcellona and illustrator and engraver Martin Mörck.

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fencing club calligraphy

This poster for Bladeworks Fencing Club was designed to show that fencing is a fun way for everyone— not just nerds and Olympians— to get fit. This is work by Rethink Canada.

The traditional Spencerian script was hand-lettered by world-renowned typographer Tony DiSpigna and laser-cut into the poster, so the message looks like it was carved out Zorro-style by an extremely skilled swordsman.

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John Stevens

It is work of John Stevens for Victoria Secret / The Unlimited.

John Stevens is a calligrapher, designer of logotypes & illustrator of expressive letterforms with 27+ years experience. He has worked for well known clients in book & magazine publishing, packaging, type design, graphic design, television & film. Originally from NY, he now lives in Winston-Salem, NC where he teaches 6 month intensive study classes, occasionally teaches at Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats.

Interview with JOHN STEVENS on Japan Letter Arts Forum – part 1part 2part 3

His quote: “The framework for the average person is those 100 fonts. For them, that’s the whole picture. But they don’t know what they’re missing.”