Ancient Manuscripts from Vatican Library

The Vatican Library was founded in 1451 AD and holds over 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and incunabula (books printed prior to 1500 AD) written throughout history by people of different faiths from across the world.

The ancient documents are now being preserved under the DigitaVaticana programme using FITS, the format developed by Nasa to store images, astronomical, and astrophysical data, and until now, only 500 manuscripts and 600 incunabula were available to view on the Vatican Library website.

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Speedball Textbook

Speedball Textbook calligraphy

The Speedball Textbook is the most popular and widely available book on lettering ever published! The original first edition was published in 1915, so this publication has a long and rich tradition. 17th Edition of this book was found on Flickr. And a top of that look at Calligraphy Lettering Chart from Speedball website. Continue reading “Speedball Textbook”