We Are Calligraphy

We Are Calligraphy is a show that contains 18 questions where the artist answer writing calligraphy, lettering or sign painting

This is Episode 04 Season 01 — Suzanne Cunningham

Each season contains 18 episodes with 1 bonus and 1 episode comes every Friday. Now CalligraphyMasters released 9 of them:

Episode 1 – Pokras-Lampas (Russia)

Episode 2 – Mateusz Wolski / WLK (Poland)

Episode 3 – Olguin Daviher @davihero (Mexico)

Episode 5 – Nicolo Visioli (Italy)

Episode 6 – Fralligraphy (Italy)

Episode 7 – Đào Huy Hoàng (Vietnam)

Episode 8 – Mr.Kams (Spain)

Episode 9 – FrakOne (France)

Some of answers from videos.

Your favorite color to write with?
Pokras-Lampas: black
WLK: red and black
Olguin Daviher: black
Suzanne Cunningham: Finetec Arabic Gold and Vermillion Sumi
Nicolo Visioli: black
Fralligraphy: all colors
Đào Huy Hoàng: white on black
Mr.Kams: black and walnut
FrakOne: red and black Colorex inks

Your favorite calligraphy tools?
WLK: Poster nibs and Kuretake Brushpen
Olguin Daviher: Prismacolor Brushpen, Tombow Fudenosuke и Pentel Color Brushpen
Suzanne Cunningham: Oblique penholder and Zebra G, Nikko G, Gillott 303, Blanzy 605 nibs
Nicolo Visioli: Manet Galaxy flat brush, Ruling Pen and Pentel BrushPen
Fralligraphy: Ruling Pen, Tombow Brushpen
Đào Huy Hoàng: 12 inch Kelcher replica Oblique Penholder and William Mitchell, Leonardt EF Principal, Spencerian No1 nibs
Mr.Kams: Pentel Brushpen, Kuretake Brushpen, Koi Brushpen
FrakOne: Automatic Pen, Pilot Parallel Pen, Brushpen

Stay tuned. We Are Calligraphy playlist on youtube.com/user/CalligraphyMasters.

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