Calligraphy video digest #22

A few calligraphy videos from the last month can be found here

Showcase: Denis Brown on Calligraphy. As much as calligraphy has changed over the centuries, there has always been one constant: the characters are a way for the artist to connect with others. The renowned calligrapher Denis Brown carries on this tradition while combining ancient and contemporary methods in his work.

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Calligraphy – Yunus Emre “Gel gör beni, aşk neyledi”
Artist: Sinan Subaşi

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Work by Jackson Alves. A collection of 13 labels created in 13 different lettering styles.

More info on

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Persol dedicates a collection to contemporary calligraphers teaming up with one of the world’s leading figures in this art: Paul Antonio Scribe, the official calligrapher of the British Royal family. His work of art on glass “Line flows in the arc of life” is a poignant portrayal of what calligraphy truly means to him.

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A quick look inside a few calligraphy books.

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