Serebro Nabora 2015

Serebro Nabora is an annual international type conference held in Moscow. Now we have a few video from the conference in 2015.

Yana Kutyina, Andrey Belonogov. Soviet lettering. Physics and lyrics.
The lecture about unique inscriptions created by the hands of numerous designers of the last century; about modern interpretations of that original and almost forgotten style — with examples from personal experience.

The curly letter of Amsterdam (De Amsterdamse Krulletter)
Ramiro Espinoza interviewed sign painters and their families, investigated photo collections at the Amsterdam City Archives and gathered investigated to answer the key questions surrounding this relatively unknown part of the Dutch popular graphic culture and to stimulate awareness of its cultural relevance.

20th-Century American Sign Painting
A retrospective look at the history of American lettering for commercial purposes, especially outdoors, will be presented by Master Sign Painter, John Downer.

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Full fist of videos from Serebro Nabora Type Conference 2015 you can find here:
Youtube playlist «Серебро набора» 2015  

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