Calligraphy video. January 2013

New video from Barbara Calzolari

* * *

Short film from a four-day intensive on calligraphy and lettering in Kiev. In lead roles: Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhina

* * *

Luca Barcellona, in occasione dell’uscita del suo libro “Take your pleasure seriously” è tornato ad esibirsi in diretta a Raitunes.

* * *

Photo and video from Solo exhibition of Adam Romuald Kłodecki ‘Theosone’ in Zamenhof Center Bialystok, Poland, July 2012.

* * *

A Compass Rose Adorned in Calligraphy.

Work by Jake Weidmann. His website –

* * *

Calligraphy Demonstrations. Achyut Palav from Goa Arts & Literary Festival

More info about Achyut Palav — on

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