Calligraphy video digest #22

A few calligraphy videos from the last month can be found here

Showcase: Denis Brown on Calligraphy. As much as calligraphy has changed over the centuries, there has always been one constant: the characters are a way for the artist to connect with others. The renowned calligrapher Denis Brown carries on this tradition while combining ancient and contemporary methods in his work.

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Serebro Nabora 2015

Serebro Nabora is an annual international type conference held in Moscow. Now we have a few video from the conference in 2015.

Yana Kutyina, Andrey Belonogov. Soviet lettering. Physics and lyrics.
The lecture about unique inscriptions created by the hands of numerous designers of the last century; about modern interpretations of that original and almost forgotten style — with examples from personal experience.

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Arsenal Book Festival 2016

The VI International Arsenal Book Festival at Mystetskyi Arsenal is the biggest event in Ukraine that combines art and literature.

The 6th International Arsenal Book Festival took place at the National art, culture and museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” (Art Arsenal) on the 20th – 24th April, 2016. At the festival, the club of creative development Art i Ya (Art and Me) opened an exhibition of modern handwritten fonts from the best masters of Ukraine.

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Calligraphy video digest #19

Here is the official trailer of the first episode from the documentary series of “Calligraphy from paper to brick” which is collaboration between Calligraphy Masters x Calligraffiti ( Milenist & Obese )

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Master Penman Connie Chen

Bill Lilly signed Connie Chen’s Master Penman certificate in October, 2015 making 12 Master Penmen.

Connie Chen

The society of Master Penman includes Masters of Penmanship and Master Engrossers. Currently, there are 700 members. And there are 12 Master Penmen. Connie Chen achieved that status in Oct, 2015

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Expression in Form, Rhythm, & Movement with John Stevens

John Stevens is a true modern master of letterforms. This lecture took place on November 16, 2015 at The Cooper Union as part of [email protected]‘s Herb Lubalin Lecture Series.

A look at the thematic visual elements and relationships of letterforming from a craft & image-making perspective. Although great skill is required for the best calligraphy, one can get lost in the minutiae. Thinking in terms of visual language (not forgetting content) frees us to say what we really want to say or express.